Saturnino Farandola, by Pier Lorenzo De Vita
'Saturnino Farandola'. 

Pier Lorenzo de Vita began his comics career in 1934, when he drew 'Le Prodezze di Tic e Tac' in Jumbo. Two years later, he created 'Martin Muma' and 'I Pirati del Fiume Giallo' in Corriere dei Piccoli. In September 1938, he started a longtime cooperation with Topolino and the other periodicals of the publishing house Mondadori. Until 1940, he illustrated 'Saturnino Farandola', at first with scripts by Federico Pedrocchi, and later by Guido Mellini. He drew numerous realistic comics, like 'Capitan Tempesta' in L'Audace and 'Il Diamante Azzuro' and 'La Primula Rossa del Risorgimento' in Paperino.

Mopsi, Giso e Leo, by Pier Lorenzo De Vita
'Mopsi, Giso e Leo'. 

When World War II broke out, he created 'Tuffolino' to replace the forbidden 'Mickey Mouse' comic from the States. After the War, De Vita continued his work with realistic comics. He illustrated stories with 'Pecos Bill' (1949-1955) and 'Oklahoma' (1952). De Vita began drawing Disney comics in 1955, and he kept doing this until his retirement in 1981. Many of his stories became Italian Disney classics, and were mostly written by Guido Martina.

Donald Duck, by Pier Lorenzo de Vita
'Donald Duck'. 

Besides stories with 'Paperino', he also illustrated some 'Biancaneve' ('Snow White') stories in a semi-realistic style, as well as a couple of 'Zorro' stories. In addition to his Disney work, De Vita drew the funny animal comic 'Mopsi, Giso e Leo' for Mondadori's Albi Della Rosa collection between 1958 and 1960.

Zorro, by Pierlorenzo De Vita

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