La Fatwa, by Giulio de Vita
La Fatwa

Giulio De Vita studied Visual Advertising and Modern Art and Cinema. He began a longtime collaboration with Emanuele Barison, as an inker. He worked extensively in the advertising field. He illustrated some episodes of 'Lazarus Ledd' in 1992. He expanded his activities and worked as a videomaker and storyboard artists. He also illustrated several covers for Marvel Italia. He returned to comics in 1998, illustrating 'Les Ombres de la Lagune' with text by François Corteggiani at the French publishing house Soleil in 1998.

Healer, by Giulio De Vita

Several advertising comics followed, including the series 'Magic Geox' with Emanuele Barison. In 2001 De Vita drew 'La Fatwa', the second issue of Frank Giroud's project, 'Le Décalogue'. At the same time, he continued to work in animation, cinema and videoclips. He returned to the French market with 'James Healer', which appeared with text by Yves Swolfs at Lombard from 2002.

Wisher by Giulio De Vita

In 2004, he developed the science fiction series 'Kylion' together with Francesco Artibani for Buena Vista Internatinal Comics (the Italian Disney production). De Vita created the characters, the design, as well as some episodes. In 2006 he began a collaboration with Sébastien Latour to create the series 'Wisher' for Le Lombard. Since 2010 he makes the 'Kriss de Valnor' stories in the spin-off collection 'Le Monde de Thorgal', with writer Yves Sente.

Le Monde de Thorgal by Giulio De Vita
Le Monde de Thorgal

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