Vick Debergh is a Dutch commercial artist and cartoonist, who operates through Inktvlek Producties in the Limburg town Meerssen. He is a regular contributor to the Stripglossy, for which he makes the cartoon 'De Stripfreak' and artwork related to the late comics humorist Peter de Smet, such as the juvenile spin-off 'Het Generaaltje' (2018). 

Early life and career
Born in Heerlen as Patrick Vandebergh in 1972, Debergh makes comic strips and cartoons for commercial clients since 2009. These include the waste organization AREA Reiniging ('Bartje Bak'), the Amsterdam Rozentheater and Stichting Weerklank, a foundation for people with special sensory experiences. In addition he has published his own comics on the comics portal Stripster and his own social media channel. These include the cartoon series 'Gekke Henkie' and 'De Stripfreak', as well as a celebrity comic strip based on Rotterdam poet Jules Deelder (who also wrote comics for Rob Peters), called 'Juul Deeldert'. His adventure comic 'Sikje - Olie voor Irak' (2007-2008) was first serialized in Nicky Saxx Magazine by André Wij's publishing imprint Kippenvel, and then released in book format in the Nooitgedacht collection in 2010. Vick additionally self-published an album about a gang of loitering seniors, called 'De Vandalen' (2011). Since 2016 Debergh's "cartoon column" about comic fandom, 'De Stripfreak', also runs in the Stripglossy of the publishing house Personalia. 

'De Vandalen'.

Het Generaaltje
Vick's main source of inspiration is the legendary comic artist Peter de Smet. He already made a homage episode of De Smet's 'De Generaal' at the occasion of the character's 45th anniversary in 2016 (Stripglossy #1, 2016). In 2018 he launched a tribute feature about the power hungry general in his younger years. Several episodes of 'Het Generaaltje' have appeared in Stripglossy so far. Debergh furthermore constructed a remote-controlled miniature version of the general's trademark tank.

'Het Generaaltje' (Stripglossy #8, March 2018).

In 2019 he revived yet another classic Dutch comic hero, namely Johnn Bakker's 'Blook'. With permission of Bakker's daughter Babiche Bakker, a new comic book of the superhero parody appeared late 2019 under the Proton Comics imprint. 

Vick DeBergh and Babiche Bakker in front of Lambiek, 3 March 2020.

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