Katzenjammer Kids, by Angelo DeCesare

Angelo DeCesare grew up in The Bronx, New York. He had his first paid art job at the age of 15, at his high school's audio-visual center. He attended Pratt Institute for a few years but left to become a comic strip artist. He has worked as a writer for Harvey Comics, Marvel and Archie Comics. Among his Archie credits are such comic books as 'Archie', 'Archie and Friends', 'Barbie', 'Betty', 'Betty and Veronica', 'Flintstone Kids', 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' and 'Veronica', as well as Harvey Comics' 'Casper' and 'Richie Rich' and Marvel's 'Care Bears'.

He began working at the art department of King Features Syndicate in 1981. He took over Rudolph Dirks's 'Katzenjammer Kids' comic from Mike Senich in 1981. He managed to recapture the comic's look of the Harold Knerr years. His time on the comic lasted five years; he turned the comic over to Hy Eisman in 1986. Nowadays, DeCesare is mostly known for writing and illustrating children's books.

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