O'Trush by Dédé

André Verheye is a Belgian commercial artist, illustrator and painter who published comics in Spirou magazine under the name Dédé in the 1970s. Dédé studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels from 1968 to 1973 and published his earliest work in Le Soir Jeunesse and Pilote around 1972. He first appeared in Spirou in September 1973 with a contribution to 'Carte Blanche', the section where beginning artists could showcase their work.

Les Truffineux, by Dédé
Les Truffineux

He was one of the most productive illustrators of game and editorial pages in the years that followed. 1975 saw the appearance of Dédé's first series: 'Alcofribas, le Loup Foque', a gag series about a wolf. A second animal series followed in 1977, about the detective 'O'Strich'. This character was soon included in Dédé's final series, 'Les Truffineux', that ran from 1979 until 1982.

cover for Zazou by Dédécover for Spirou by Dédé

Together with his friends Watch, Bosse and Bom he co-founded the monthly Zazou, that lasted for only three issues. He also assisted Maverick (Mazel) for a while on his 'Chacal Bill' comic for Pif Gadget. Verheye additionally made many illustrations for Disney merchandising and promotional material. He also illustrated four 'Smurfs' tales by Yvan Delporte for the now-defunct Schtroumpf magazine.

He eventually turned to commercial and advertising art, setting up his own image bank Toonbook2. His art has been used by companies like Baxter, Delhaize, Diamant Board, Dimas, Spa and Kellogg's.

Alcofribas, by Dédé


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