Big Boss Circus, by Watch
'Les Déboussolés'.

After having studied graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, Pierre Wattiez (Watch) made his debut in Spirou in 1973. He started out with several illustrations and game pages. In 1974, he took on the series 'Big Boss Circus', followed in 1975 by 'Les Déboussolés'. Watch made this absurd gag strip, about two characters lost in the desert and at war with a coyote, in collaboration with scenario writer Bom. He also drew comics for Pilote, Djinn and Pif. He was an illustrator with the publishing house Kessing, and co-launched the short-lived comic magazine Zazou with Dédé, Bom and Bosse.

Les Déboussolés, by Watch
'De Onderzonsen'. Dutch-language version of 'Les Déboussolés'. 

Watch eventually focused as a career as an illustrator and painter. After a brief appearance in Tintin, Watch returned to Spirou in 1983 with the 'Watch Gallery'. In this gallery, Watch parodied the famous Spirou series of the time with one page cartoons. These parodies were collected in the album 'Spirou Connection' (Récréabull, 1986), with a foreword by Yvan Delporte. During the 1990s, he worked for the magazines Vécu and Gomme. Watch also worked in computer game design and played in the band Granit KK, along with Bom.

Les Deboussoles by Watch
'Les Déboussolés'.

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