Myra het Elfje, by Mies Deinum

Mies Deinum was born in Semarang, Indonesia, but received her education at the Kunstnijverheidsschool in Haarlem, The Netherlands. She became a painter, studying with the famous Dutch painter Lizzy Ansingh, among others. She took courses in illustration from B. Midderigh-Bokhorst and Herman Moerkerk.

Sambo de Olifant, by Mies Deinum

At the end of the thirties, she worked for two years for the publisher De Spaarnestad, making illustrations for children's magazines. She created three newspaper strips: 'Sambo de Olifant', 'Dieren-jamboree' (with text by RUP) and 'Myra het Elfje'. All of these have been reprinted in color book format by publisher Pax Holland in Amsterdam.

Sambo de Olifant, by Mies Deinum

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