'Le Cours du Chef-Pilote' (Spirou, 30 April 1942).

Charlie Delhauteur was a 20th-century Belgian illustrator, and a longtime affiliate of Georges Troisfontaines and his World's Presse agency. The initially Liège-based agency provided comics and illustrated features to the magazines of the publishing house Dupuis. Besides Delhauteur, other associated artists were Albert Uderzo, René Goscinny, Eddy Paape, Victor Hubinon and Jean-Michel Charlier. Delhauteur's drawings appeared in Les Bonnes Soirées, Le Moustique, Spirou and Risque-Tout. He illustrated the aviation section in Spirou magazine, as well as an educational strip about the subject called 'Le Cours du Chef-Pilote' (1942-1943). The feature ran since late 1941, and was initially credited to a certain Pec (Al Peclers) and Georges Cel (Troisfontaines himself). The signature of "Charlie Del" first appeared in the Spirou issue of 16 April 1942. Later installments of Spirou's "aviation club" were illustrated by Jean-Michel Charlier, who sometimes used the pen name Flettner.

'Le Cours du Chef-Pilote' (Spirou, 3 September 1942).

Under the name "Hope", Delhauteur drew the comic story 'Gouverneur malgré lui' (#678, 1951), one of the early installments of the educational series 'Les Belles Histoires de l'Oncle Paul', written by Jean-Michel Charlier. The story was also featured in the twelfth volume of the 'Oncle Paul' book series, 'Chasseur de Tombeaux' (Dupuis, 1955). He also provided occasional assistance on the 'Buck Danny' comic by Hubinon and Charlier, and was the regular illustrator for the educational section 'Le Coin des Petits Curieux' in 1957-1958.

'Gouverneur malgré lui' (Dutch version from Robbedoes, 1951).

In Bonnes Soirées, Delhauteur replaced Albert Uderzo as the illustrator of the section 'Sa majesté mon mari' in 1953. He was furthermore one of the main illustrators of text stories and activity pages for the short-lived comic magazine Risque-Tout (1955-1956). Delhauteur additionally painted the cover of the 1973 reprint of the 'Bob Morane' album 'L'Épée du Paladin' by Gérald Forton and Henri Vernes. In the 1960s and 1970s he specialized in painting erotic nudes.

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