Les Coulisses du Pouvoir, by Jean-Yves Delitte
'Les Coulisses du Pouvoir'.

Born in Brussels, Jean-Yves Delitte studied to be an architect and designer. This profession remained his daytime job, but in his spare time he found time to build on an oeuvre as a comic artist. He published his first work in Tintin magazine in 1984, mainly short stories scripted by Jean-Luc Vernal. This resulted in his first book in the collection 'Histoires et Légendes', 'Onna', a collection of stories based on Japanese tales (1989).

Donnington, by Jean-Yves Delitte

Also in 1989 he began an association with Philippe Richelle, with whom he has cooperated on several series. The first one was 'Donnington', published in two books by Lombard, and then had a short continuation with Éditions Hélyode in 1995. Delitte and Richelle continued their collaboration with a series of short stories for the Glénat magazines Circus and Vécu. Their short satirical stories for Circus were made under the joint pseudonym Hiko-Noclast. In 1990, Richelle wrote 'Venturi' for Jean-Yves Delitte in Vécu.

Les Nouveaux Tsars by Jean-Yves Delitte
'Les Nouveaux Tsars'.

For Casterman, they worked on their political-fiction thriller 'Les Coulisses du Pouvoir' from 1999 until 2004, when Richelle started doing the artwork himself. Delitte returned to Glénat and started writing his own scripts for serials like 'Le Neptune', a series inspired by Jules Verne (since 2003), 'Les Nouveaux Tsars' (since 2004), 'Belem' (since 2006) and 'Black Crow' (2009).

TanĂ¢tos, by Jean-Yves Delitte

Besides working on his own series, Delitte began collaborations for Glénat Grafica with Xavier Dorison on the one-shot 'Une Aventure des Brigades du Tigre' (2006) and Didier Convard on the steampunk series 'Tanâtos' (since 2007).

Le Neptune, by Jean-Yves Delitte
'Le Neptune'.

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