Tintin en Suisse by Efdé
Tintin en Suisse

Filip Denis was a Belgian comic book artist, best known for drawing parodies of classic comic book heroes. He is also known as "Efdé". He was a contributor to the new wave magazine Soldes from Namur, but is probably best-known as the author of the infamous Tintin parody 'Tintin en Suisse' ('Tintin in Switzerland', 1976), which was published in Belgium by Charles Callico in 1976. Despite its title, Tintin already had been to Switzerland in the original franchise, namely in 'L'Affaire Tournesol' ('The Calculus Affair', 1955-1956), yet Denis' comic had him experience adventures of a whole different kind! 'Tintin en Suisse' depicts Tintin as an unshaven drunk, smoker and drug addict who gets involved in all kinds of sexual adventures. Other Hergé characters also get a piece of the action.

While the book was just an average pornographic parody it nevertheless became the most legendary of all of 'Tintin' parodies. The book caused quite a stir and was heavily battled by Studio Hergé and Éditions Casterman for its adult nature. In 1982 the publisher was condemned to a fine of 50.000 Belgian francs and the destruction of the entire print run. 'Tintin en Suisse' was banned in Belgium and France. In the same month the Belgian provocateur Jan Bucquoy actually published another risqué and politically charged porn parody of Tintin in the underground magazine Spetters! His spoof, 'Kuifje in Holland' ('Tintin in Holland', 1982) was scripted by Pieter-Jans, drawn by D'Arcosta and attacked Hergé's extreme-right past. In the same Spetters issue the editors criticized the sentence against 'Tintin en Suisse'. Bucquoy was spared from judicial prosecution, but in 1992 he was sued over another pornographic parody, 'La Vie Sexuelle de Tintin', yet won his case.

In 1985 the chief editor of the Dutch magazine Caramba was also sued by Hergé's estate for publishing 'Tintin en Suisse' in episodes. Yet to many people's surprise the judge ruled that the comic was obviously a parody. As a result 'Tintin en Suisse' became freely available in the Netherlands and an instant collector's item. By that point the comic book had already been bootlegged in Dutch, English, German, Spanish and Swedish translations, often with covers and images redrawn by anonymous artists. The irony went even further when 'Tintin en Suisse' - already a parody - was spoofed on its own! In 1983 Willy Linthout drew 'Kuifje en de Vervalsers' (1983), which satirized the controversy around the album.

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