La vache de Quattres
'La Vache de Quattres'.

Gérard Deuquet is a French painter, who lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. He was born in Charleville, France, in 1936, and graduated from the La Cambre National School of Visual Arts in Brussels in 1958. In 1960 he was an apprentice at the publishing house Dupuis, where he was assigned to relieve Peyo from his heavy workload for Spirou magazine. The artist had recently introduced his famous Smurfs in one of his 'Johan et Pirlouit' stories, and was now assigned to make special stories with these dwarves for Spirou's fold-in mini-booklets section. Deuquet joined Peyo in his home studio in Uccle, and was responsible for the backgrounds and lettering of the mini-book 'L'Oeuf et les Schtroumpfs', which appeared in Spirou issue #1147 of 1960. The young artist goes down in history as the first in a long line of apprentices who were trained at Studio Peyo, and was succeeded in the next couple of years by Francis, Gos and Walthéry.

Prélude au CosmosLe Grand Paradis
'Prélude au Cosmos' and 'Le Grand Paradis'

Deuquet has also created four mini-books by himself, using the pen name Geday. The first was 'Mach 10' in issue 1136, which was an educational story about aviation. 'Le Grand Paradis' (issue 1140) was a historical naval story, while 'Prélude au cosmos' (issue 1161) was an educational feature about space travel. His final mini-book, 'La vache de Quattres' (issue 1163), was a story inspired by the Trojan legend. Deuquet's career in comics was limited to the year 1960. He became a painter, and also taught painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Charleroi. One of his students was Marcel Denis, who had dropped his activities as a comic artist in 1971 and enrolled at the academy in the early 1980s. Deuquet also launched Kadath, a magazine about lost civilizations, with Ivan Verheyden. The first issue appeared in March 1973, and the project lasted 40 years and 107 issues.

Kadath cover by Gerard DeuquetKadath cover by Gerard Deuquet

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