Les Frères Clips, by Marcel Denis

Marcel Denis published his first comic, which was about scouting, in Le Petit Vingtième in 1940. Denis then contributed to a variety of magazines and papers, including La Vie au Foyer, Le Moustique, Plein Jeu, La Libre Belgique and Le Soir Illustré. He returned to comics in 1947. Among his early work are 'Le Professeur Vianrose' in L'Optimiste and 'Jim et Bill Butterson, Détectives' in La Défense Sociale.

He joined the publishing house Dupuis in 1952, where he started out as a letterer for the Flemish edition of Spirou magazine, Robbedoes. He became a lay-out man in 1954 and three years later, he went to work in André Franquin's studio in the Avenue du Brésil in Brussels for a short while. There, he wrote two short stories of 'Spirou et Fantasio' for Spirou Junior and helped create 'Les Boumptéryx' with Franquin, Jidéhem and Roba, under the collective pseudonym of "Ley Kip".

Tif et Tondu, by Marcel Denis

He was also present in the magazine Spirou with short stories and gags between 1958 and 1969, including the comical series 'Les Frères Clips'. Between 1962 and 1964 he took drew two continuing stories with 'Tif et Tondu', a series he briefly took over from from Will. Denis cooperated with Marcel Remacle on the scenarios of 'Le Vieux Nick' and 'Hultrasson' until 1971. Afterwards, Marcel Denis left the comics field and concentrated on printing. While in his 70s, he turned to painting and he even enrolled in the Art Academy. He passed away in March, 2002.

Boumptérix, by 'Ley Kip'
Artwork by Ley Kip

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