Robin Dubois by Miguel Diaz Vizoso
Robin Dubois

Miguel Díaz Vizoso worked as a teacher in a Medical Pedagogical Institution for six years, before he decided on a change of direction. Inspired and guided by René Sterne, another teacher turned comic artist, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Châtelet. He was a pupil of Vittorio Leonardo, whom he assisted on drawing 'Rantanplan' gags and also on the coloring of comics through Studio Leonardo.

Starting in 2000 he was hired by Studio Peyo to draw game and gag pages for Schtroumpf Magazine, while he also provided the plot for the Smurfs story 'Un enfant chez les Schtroumpfs'. Together with his studio co-worker Ludo Borecki he proposed to draw new gags starring Turk & De Groot's 'Robin Dubois'. The series was restarted in 2007 under supervision of the original authors.

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