Beezy, by Bernard Dibble

Bernard Dibble worked at the staff of the United Feature Syndicate. He assisted on Rudolph Dirks’ 'Captain and the Kids' and Gus Mager's 'Hawkshaw the Detective' in the 1920s. He then drew the 'Captain and the Kids' strip from 1932 to 1938. He succeeded LaVerne Harding on 'Cynical Susie', and worked on 'Looy Dot Dope' in 1937-38. Another newspaper strip by Dibble is 'Danny Dingle'. In the late 1940s he created the gag comic 'Jonesy', which ran in Will Eisner's 'The Spirit' comic book supplements, until it was replaced in 1949 by Jules Feiffer's 'Clifford'. In the late 1950s, he came up with the 'Fritzi Ritz' Sunday page. In the 1940s and 1950s, he also did art for features in comic books by Quality Comics and I.W. Publications (a.o. 'Lala Palooza', 'Iron Vic', 'Beezy Bumble', 'Dewey Drip', 'Salty Waters', 'Millie the Model' and 'Johnny Doughboy'). In the 1950s, Dibble was a Park Employee with the New York City Dept. of Parks.

Danny Dingle, by Bernard Dibble

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