Greaser Comics by George DiCaprio

George DiCaprio was one of the leading figures in the West Coast underground comic scene of the 1970s and early 1980s. He was writer, editor and distributor, and his stories have appeared in publications like Forbidden Planet, Slow Death and Cocaine Comix. DiCaprio made two issues of 'Greaser Comics', the first with adult pulp writer Richard Jaccoma, the second with artist Jim Janes. With Pete Von Sholly, he wrote 'Neurocomics' for Last Gasp, based on the writing of Timothy Leary.

DiCaprio has furthermore worked with major authors like Dori Seda, Robert Crumb, Rick Griffin, Gilbert Shelton, Rich Chidlaw, Victor Moscoso, Paul Mavrides and Harvey Pekar. He is the father of actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Greaser Comics by George DiCaprio

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