'Jos van Pulderbos' (Veto, 31 October 1984).

Evert Dierickx is a Belgian comic artist and cartoonist, who has mainly worked for student magazines in the 1980s and 1990s. He drew a comic titled 'Jos van Pulderbos' (1984) in Veto and 'Handleiding voor de Voetballer' (2005-2006) on the site Stripster. 

Jos van Pulderbos
Between 31 October and 13 December 1984 he drew a comic strip for the Leuven student magazine Veto. It appeared in weekly episodes and followed the enthusiastic student Jos van Pulderbos, who tries to find his way in university. Despite being brilliant he is less lucky with women. Dierickx also drew regular cartoons for Veto. Two other people who wrote and illustrated for this student magazine around the same time were Pascal Lefèvre and Katrien van Schuylenbergh. Dierickx also contributed to other student magazines like Studentikoos, Student Echos and De Voetbalgazet, which were published by Eric Dilles. 

Handleiding voor de voetballer
In the period 2005-2006 he contributed 'Handleiding voor de Voetballer', a humorous series of comic strips poking fun at association football, to the online comics portal Stripster. Between 2007 and 2009 these strips were also printed by André Wijntjes in Nicky Saxx Magazine, a fan publication devoted to the comic heroine Nicky Saxx by Minck Oosterveer and Willem Ritstier, and Energie Stripblad.

Animation career
Evert Dierickx is the brother of animator Wouter Dierickx, who has worked on animated adaptations of Brösel's 'Werner' comic strip, among other things. In the 1980s and 1990s Wouter Dierickx ran his own studio Graphics and Animation, which - at one point in time - also counted Marc Verhaegen, Charel Cambré and Walter van Gasse among its employees.

From: Veto (15 November 1984).

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