The Crimson Comet, by John Dixon

Born in Newcastle, John Dangar Dixon settled in Sydney in 1945. After doing various advertising jobs, Dixon was advised to turn to the comics profession. He heeded the advice and started a long association with the H. John Edwards publishing company, where he created Tim Valour Comics (150 issues) and where he cooperated on the first issues of The Crimson Comet Comics (50 issues) in 1946. Then in 1958 and 1959 he expanded his activities, working for Frew Publications (Catman Comics), Young's Merchandising (Captain Strato Comics) and Horwitz Publications (The Phantom Commando Comics).

Air Hawk, by John Dixon

On 30 May 1959, his strip 'Air Hawk and the Flying Doctors' premiered in the Sunday issue of the Perth Weekend Mail. The strip soon expanded to papers from Sydney, Brisbane, and eventually every Australian state and also in New Zealand, Britain and South Africa. In 1963, 'Air Hawk' also became a daily strip. Dixon continued the strip until 1986, and throughout the years he has worked with assistants like Mike Tabrett, Hart Amos and Keith Chatto.

Captain Strato, by John DixonTim Valour, by John Dixon

He then settled in Washington D.C. in the United States, where he worked as art director of a self defense magazine. He later returned to some comic book work for Valiant Comics, and then was an independent illustrator for New York's Voyager Communications and a storyboard artist for films and videogames.

He drew sixteen stories of 'Agent Corrigan' ('Secret Agent X-9') that were published in a Swedish comic book from 1997 to 2003. Dixon's use of black and white gave his panels great depth and helped create a special, dramatic effect. John Dixon had suffered from a type of dementia since 2012, and passed away in California in May 2015, following a major stroke suffered in April.

Air Hawk, by John Dixon

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