The Perishers by Maurice Dodd

Maurice Dodd was a British cartoonist and writer, born in Hackney. He served in the Royal Air Force during World War II, and was one of the volunteers of the SAS. After the war, he studied art and worked in advertising. He was then assigned by Daily Mirror editor Bill Berbert to replace Ben Witham as the writer of the 'The Perishers' comic strip, which was drawn by Dennis Collins. Dodd and Collins started their successful collaboration on the strip in 1958, Dodd doing the scripts and layouts and Collins the finished art.

In addition, Dodd continued to do advertising work, such as the 'Clunk Click Every Trip' series for public information adverts. He worked on a 'Perishers' TV adaptation through FilmFair and has also written a couple of children's books. When Dennis Collins retired in 1983, Dodd continued to write and draw 'The Perishers' on his own. In 1992 he handed over the art duties to Bill Mevin, but continued doing the scripts until his death in December 2005.

The Perishers by Maurice Dodd

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