Triple Galop by Benoit du Peloux
Triple Galop

Benoît Du Peloux was born in Longué, and studied economical sciences, before switching to an artistic profession. He began his career with several humorous cartoons, that were collected in albums like 'Mes Plus Belles Chasses', 'Rires', 'Rire à Tir' and 'Humour à Coure'. In 1993, he illustrated the comic adaptation of Marcel Aymé's 'Les Contes du Chat Perché' for Je Bouquine. Present at Éditions Le Téméraire in 1994 and 1995, he participated in the collective album 'Saga des Terres du Nord', and made 'Roubaix 39-45' and 'Reims 39-45'. From 1995, he served as an assistant to Godard and Ribera on 'Le Vagabond des Limbes' and other projects.

L'Elixir de l'Eternite by Benoit du Peloux L'Elixir de l'Eternite by Benoit du Peloux

From 1999 to 2000, he created 'Le Mini Guide du Cheval' and 'L'Europe Expliquée aux Européens' for Vents d'Ouest. He was present in Chiens de Chasse and Cheval Pratique and has participated in several humorous books. He is the author of the heroic fantasy trilogy 'L'Élixir d'Éternité', that was published by Albin Michel between 2001 and 2003. In 2006, he teamed up with writer Michel Rodrigue and drew 'Légendes de Féeries' for the publishing house Au Bord des Continents.

After the one-shot 'L'Oiseau qui fait la pluie et le beau temps' for MPF Editions in 2007, Du Peloux has been mainly active with horse humor comics for Éditions Bamboo. These include the series 'Triple Galop' (since 2007), 'Zoé & Pataclop' (since 2010), and the one-shot 'Eden, le Globe-trotteur' (with Christophe Cazenove, 2009). He additionally draws an occasional humor comic for Jungle BD ('Quel homme choisir?') and 'Hugo & Cie' ('Adam & Eve').

Zoé & Pataclop by Benoit du Peloux
Zoé & Pataclop

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