Doggyguard, by Michel Rodrigue

Michel Rodrigue was born in Lyon in 1961. He attended the National School of Fine Arts, and also studied medieval archaeology. Between 1983 and 1985 he was part of the French rugby team, and in 1987, he designed the official French mascot for the world rugby championship. He made his comics debut with the rugby strip 'Mézydugnac' in Midi Olympique in 1984.

Two years later, he published of his comic book adaptation of Edmond Rostand's 'Cyrano de Bergerac' with Lionel Garcia and Jean-Claude Vruble at Vents d'Ouest. With Vruble he also worked on the fourth book of 'La Révolution Française', scripted by Patrick Cothias and published by Vents d'Ouest. He also participated in other books by this publisher. In 1987 he worked with Roger Brunel on another rugby comic, 'Rugby en B.D.', published by Glénat. In the same register, Rodrigue and Brunel then created 'Du Monde dans la Coupe!', 'Concept', 'Le Rugby en Coupe' and 'La Foot par la Bande', published by Glénat and Hors Collection.

Clifton, by Michel Rodrigue

Rodrigue was present in Tintin magazine with 'Les Conspirateurs' (scripts by Bom) and in Rugbyman, the monthly publication of the French rugby federation. Rodrigue launched the Cadero studio together with Mike Deporter and Thierry Capezzone. Between 1991 and 1992 the trio also worked 'Les Nouvelles Aventures des Pieds Nickelés', a reboot of Louis Forton's classic comic series. He teamed up with Brunel again to produce several funny comic guidebooks for Albin Michel.

In 1999 and 2000 he created three albums in the comical series 'Doggyguard' with Bob de Groot for Lombard. For this same publisher, he took over the artwork of the detective series 'Clifton' (originally created by Raymond Macherot) in 2003. With scripts by Jean-Yves Mitton, he illustrated two albums of 'Truculentes Aventures de Rabelais' (Hors Collection, 2001-02). He contributed to 'Horoscomics', together with François Avril, Michel Janvier and Morchoisne (Jet Stream Productions, 2001).

Cubitus by Michel Rodrigue
Les Nouvelles Aventures de Cubitus

As a scriptwriter, he wrote 'Ly-Noock' for André Chéret (Joker, 2003) and 'La Grande Trambouille des Fées' for fairy tale painter René Hausman (Au Bord des Continents, 2004). He also worked with Hausman on the book 'Le Chat Qui Courait Sur Les Toits', which was published by Lombard in 2010. In 2005, five years after the death of its creator Dupa, he relaunched 'Cubitus' with scriptwriter Pierre Aucaigne at Lombard. Together with Adeline Blondieau he created a spin-off series starring 'Bidule' (2010), the baby nephew of Cubitus.

Since 2009 he writes the scripts for 'Le Maître des Ogres' (artwork by Vincenzo Cucca) and 'Sybil - La fée cartable' (artwork by Antonello Dalena and Manuela Razzi), two series published by Le Lombard. He also worked with the fairytale painter René Hausman on the book 'Le chat qui courait sur les toits', that was also published by Lombard in 2010.

Rodrigue has additionally been involved in such humor series as 'Brèves de Rugby' (Drugstore), 'Les Damnés de la Route' (Bamboo), 'Triple Galop' (Bamboo) and 'L'Équipe de rêve - Légendes' (Vents d'Ouest), either as writer or artist.

Bidule by Michel Rodrigue

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