Vae Victis, by Jean-Yves Mitton
'Vae Victis'.

Jean-Yves was born in Toulouse and studied Fine Arts in Lyon. After completing his studies, he found employment in the retouching studio of Lug publishers. Here, he discovered American and Italian comics. His first series, 'Sammy Sam', was published from 1965 in magazine Pim, Pam, Poum, Pipo. For this series, he took on the pen name Jym. Next, he took over the series 'Pugacioff' from the Italian artist Giorgio Rebuffi in Maxi Pipo, later illustrated by Amouriq and Yves Chantereau. He also created the little indian 'Plume'.

L'Archer Blanc by Jean-Yves Mitton
'L'Archer Blanc'.

With scriptwriter Navarro, he made series like 'Oum le Dauphin', based on the television series, and 'Blek le Roc' ('Il Grande Blek'). For this last series, he changed from a humorous to a realistic style. He was additionally a productive cover artist for the Lug publications. Under the pseudonym John Milton, he worked for Nova, where he made several comics with superheroes like 'The Silver Surfer', 'The Fantastic Four' and 'Spider-Man'.

Mikros by Jean-Yves MittonMikros by Jean-Yves Mitton

In 1980, he started the saga 'Mikros' in Mustang and Titans, and made a comic adaptation of the television series 'Blackstar'. Continuing his work on superheroes, he illustrated stories with 'Cosmo' and 'Photonik', and created 'Epsilon' and 'Kronos'.

The Phantom by JY Mitton
'The Phantom' - 'Hoogan's Revenge'.

Starting in 1987, he associated himself with François Corteggiani, with whom he made 'L' Archer Blanc' and 'Noël et Marie'. In 1988 he began to draw stories with 'The Phantom' for the Swedish Fantomen comic book. He also drew the back-up comic 'Herman Storm', written by Eirik Ildahl.

Chroniques Barbares, by Jean-Yves Mitton
'Chroniques Barbares'.

From 1989 to 2004, Mitton took over 'De Silence et de Sang' from Marc Malès at publisher Glénat (scripts by Cortegianni). Next, he began a series about the Gaulish-Roman time: 'Vae Victis' with Simon Rocca (Soleil, 1991-2006) and a comic about pirates, 'Les Survivants de l'Atlantique' (Soleil, 1992-2003). Between 1994 and 2000, he produced his series 'Chroniques Barbares', a saga about a tribe of vikings, for Soleil Productions. Additionally, he has made 'Quetzalcoatl' for Glénat since 1997.

Quetzlqoatl, by Jean-Yves Mitton

As a scriptwriter, he has worked with Frank Bonnet ('Attila... Mon Amour', published by Glénat since 1998), Michel Rodrigue ('Les Truculentes Aventures de Rabelais', published by Hors Collection in 2001-02), Georges Ramaïoli ('Colorado', published by Carpe Diem since 2003) and Félix Molinari ('Les survivants de l'Atlantique' from book 4, and 'Le Dernier Kamikaze', published by Soleil since 2006). For the advertising agency Jet Stream, Mitton scripted 'Papoose' for artist Franck Chantelouve in 2002. Between 2008 and 2010 he made four books in the historical series 'Ben Hur' for Delcourt.

Ben Hur by Jean-Yves Mitton
'Ben Hur' #4.

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