Tore Scoccia, by Giorgio Rebuffi
'Tore Scoccia'. 

The Milanese artist Giorgio Rebuffi began his career in comics in 1949, while still a medicine student. He made his first work for the publisher Alpe, including the features 'Lo Sceriffo Fox' and 'Bingo Bongo'. The publisher assigned him to take over 'Cucciolo e Beppe' from Rino Anzi in 1952. He restyled the series completely, transforming the main characters from dogs to humans and introducing many new characters, most notably the wolf Pugacioff. That same year, he created the elastic comic character 'Tiramolla', together with Roberto Renzi.

Tore Scoccia, by Giorgio Rebuffi
'Tore Scoccia'. 

In 1968, Rebuffi founded the Bierreci studios with Carlo Chendi and Luciano Bottaro. Starting in 1969, he made numerous comics with writer Chendi, such as 'Tore Scoccia', 'Vita con il Gatto', 'Tom Porcello' and 'Esopo Minore'. He expanded his activities with 'Trottolino' and 'Lucky Loris' for Trottolino, as well as 'Fungolino' and 'Tita e Toto' in La Vispa Teresa.

Paperino by Giorgio Rebuffi
'Donald Duck'. 

In the 1970s, Rebuffi turned to creating 'Donald Duck' and 'Mickey Mouse' stories for the Italian Disney magazine Topolino and the American comic story production for foreign publications. He was also present in the pages of Il Corriere dei Piccoli with 'I Dispettieri'. From 1989, he also drew episodes of 'Pif le Chien' for the French magazine Pif Parade. He participated in 'L'Ultima Ballata', a 1996 tribute to Hugo Pratt.

Rebuffi contributed to the Mondadori magazine Dodo from 1997, and saw much of his unreleased work published by Vittorio Pavesio Productions between 1996 and 2002. In the new century, Rebuffi worked with the cultural associations Comixcomunity and Annexia on new books with reprints. He was awarded the Michezluzzi Prize at the Naples Comicon. He passed away on 15 October 2014.

Cucciolo, by Giorgio RebuffiPipo by Giorgio Rebuffi
Covers for Cucciolo.

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