Cucciolo, by Rino Anzi

Rino Anzi is the co-creator of the successful children's strip 'Cucciolo e Beppe', together with writer and publisher Giuseppe Caregaro in 1940. He continued it until 1952, when the comic got its own comic book and was taken over by Giorgio Rebuffi. Where the comic was originally a funny animal strip, Rebuffi completely redesigned it during his run on the strip. Prior to 'Cucciolo', Anzi drew the children's comic 'Chico Cochi' for Il Corriere dei Piccoli. During the 1950s, Anzi then did some artwork for Disney stories. Rino Anzi has also illustrated 'Pinocchio' stories and eventually headed for Paris to work as a commercial artist.

Paperino, by Rino Anzi
Paperino, by Rino Anzi

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