Portiero Makis Roditis by Nikos Nikolaidis
'Portiero Makis Roditis' (2010).

Nikos Nikolaidis (Νίκος Νικολαΐδης) is a Greek comic artist and writer, known for his soccer comic 'Portiero Makis Roditis' (2011) and the graphic novel 'The Tetrakosaris' (2016, art by Kostas Fragiadakis). He is also a connaisseur of Greek comics culture and local (sports) history.

Early life and influences
Nikolaidis was born in 1964 in Aegaleo, an municipality in the western part of the Athens agglomeration. As a kid he enjoyed the Franco-Belgian classics 'Astérix', 'Lucky Luke' and 'Iznogoud', not coincidentally all written by René Goscinny, as well as American series like 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Popeye'. Italian comics were also omnipresent during his childhood, including EsseGesse's 'Il Grande Blek', 'Ombrax' ('Alan Mistero') and 'Il Comandante Mark', as well as Bonelli's 'Zagor' and 'Mister No', Leone Cimpellin's 'Johnny Logan', Benito Jacovitti's 'Coco Bill', Egidio Gherlizza's 'Serafino' and Giorgio Rebuffi's 'Tiramolla'. As the perfection combination of his two passions, comics and sports, he ranks the British 'Roy of the Rovers' illustrators Yvonne Hutton and David Sque as his major influences.

Blek by Nikos Nikolaidis
'Il Grande Blek' art by Nikos Nikolaidis.

After attending the Dental School of Athens University, Nikos Nikolaidis spent the next 25 years working as a dentist. His spare time has been devoted to comics and the local history of Aegaleo. Since 1998 he has written several books about his hometown's cultural background, including its folklore and the local soccer and basketball club. His knowledge of comics and the children's press has resulted in several studies. With Giorgos Papadakis, he has written books about the children's publications of the legendary writer, journalist and publisher Stelios Anemodouras (1917-2000). He has chronicled the history of sports comics in a 2020 book released by 24 Grammata, and has contributed several biographies about Greek comic authors to the Lambiek Comiclopedia since 2013.

Comics author
As a comic author, he is the creator of 'Portiero Makis Roditis' (2010), a comic about the life of a player for the Rhodes soccer club Ialysos F.C. in Rhodes. It was published in Greece by Nikolaos Zois' Leopalaiontes ZN Editions. In later years, he began making new 'Portiero Makis Roditis' stories, this time illustrated by his friends Panayiotis Lyris and Gabriel Tompalidis. Nikolaidis was the writer of 'The Tetrakosaris' (2016), a 70-page graphic novel with artwork by Kostas Fragiadakis, covering Greece's financial crisis. As co-author of the book 'Heroes of Stelios Anemodouras' (2015), he and Fragiadakis also contributed the 25-page comic story 'The Price of Betrayal'. It featured the Italian character 'Il Grande Blek', which was made popular in Greece through Anemodouras' publications.

Portiero Makis Roditis by Nikos Nikolaidis


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