Portiero Makis Roditis by Nikos Nikolaidis

Nikos Nikolaidis was born in Aegaleo, Athens, Greece, on 28 July 1964. He studied at the Dental School of Athens Univercity and has worked as a dentist for over 20 years. He has been a writer and comic artist on the side, and has already written two books concerning comics. He is the creator of 'Portiero Makis Roditis', a comic about the life of a footbal player for Ialysos F.C. in Rhodes. It was published in Greece by Nikolaos Zois and his Leopalaiontes ZN Editions in 2011.

Nikos Nikolaidis is also the writer of 'The Tetrakosaris', a 70-page graphic novel with artwork by Kostas Fragiadakis, concerning the financial problems in Greece (2016). He is also one of the writers of the book 'Heroes of Stelios Anemodouras', to which he contributed a 25-page story with the Italian character 'Il Grande Blek', called 'Price of Betrayal'. The artwork was done by Fragiadakis, and the book was published by Leokratis Anemodouras.  

Portiero Makis Roditis by Nikos Nikolaidis


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