Appie Kim, by Joop Du Buy
Appie Kim en het Spookkasteel (De Waarheid, 23 December 1950)

During World War II, Joop Du Buy participated in a drawing contest in Haarlem, which had the famous cartoonist Henricus Kannegieter on the jury. Of the 115 participants, 23 were selected to receive an eight-month free drawing course at Kannegieter's home. Among the contestants were also Joop Dam, Han van Gelder, Wim Knotter, Maurice Keuris and Hans Kresse, with whom Du Buy became friends.

Appie Kim by Joop Du Buy
Appie Kim en zijn avonturen met de Griezel-club (De Waarheid, 1 September 1949)

By signing the contract, the young artists had however obligated themselves to work for the pro-German company Nederland Film in The Hague, where one of the productions was the anti-Semitic cartoon 'Van den Vos Reynaerde' ('Reynard the Fox'), based on the book by Dutch Nazi collaborator and politician Robert van Genechten. Other artists who worked on this picture were Jan Bouman and Gerrit Stapel. Du Buy himself claimed to have only worked on the children's productions 'De Sneeuwman', about a snowman who came to life, and 'Verwitterte Melodie', about an abandoned gramophone in the woods. After the completion of 'Reynard the Fox' (the film was never shown), the studio closed its doors, and Du Buy applied at Marten Toonder's studio for a job. He was however sent to Berlin to work in the armaments industry.

Appie Kim van Joop du Buy

Upon his return to the Netherlands after the War, he finally got the opportunity to work at Toonder's animation department. He later went to work for the communist newspaper De Waarheid, that published five stories of his text comic 'Appie Kim' from 1949 to 1951. He also made 'De Avonturen van Bollie, 't Ondeugende Olifantje', with writer Karel ten Hoope, of which one book was published in 1949.

He eventually returned to Germany where he started a chain of fashion shops. Back in the Netherlands in 1974, he remarried and drew the erotic underground comic 'Nimfke en de Nonnenneuker'. It was serialized in Chic magazine, and published in book format by House of Magazines. Joop Du Buy spent his final years in Hillegom.

Nimfke en de Nonnenneuker door Joop Du BuyNimfke en de Nonnenneuker door Joop Du Buy
Nimfke en de Nonnenneuker (1974)

Joop du Buy in De Nederlandse Stripgeschiedenis

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