La Bataille des Chefs, by Pierre Dupras
La Bataille des Chefs

Pierre Dupras cooperated on François with several humorous drawings in the late 1950s. In 1964-65, he contributed to Le Quartier-Latin, the magazine fo the University of Montréal. He was active as a political comic artist, and on the occasion of Charles de Gaulle's visit to Québec, he made the book 'Vive le Québec Libre' in 1967. Starting in 1970, Dupras made a weekly political comic for the left-wing Québec-Presse. Dupras' biting takes on the government and especially Jean Drapeau, the mayor of Montréal, almost led to his arrest during the 1970 October Crisis, which was avoided because of the intervention of famous cartoonist Robert LaPalme, who stated that a cartoonist is a country's consience. Dupras carried on and even further attacked Drapeau in the album 'La Drapolice', in which he compared the mayor with Hitler. In his next book, 'La Bataille des Chefs', Dupras tackled on federal politics during the election time.

Libres?? by Pierre Dupras
Libres? (Québec-Presse, 20/5/1973)

Dupras participated in the magazine BD in 1973, contributing several gags and science fiction stories. He also contributed one of Quebec's first autobiographical comics to the collective album 'BDK: Bande Dessinée Kébécoise' in 1975. When Québec-Presse closed down, Dupras became an art history teacher. In 1980, he returned to comics with 'Oui ou Non', an album made in collaboration with his son Martin (a.k.a. Oncle Grat). In 1987, he drew the educational comic 'La Bataille de Saint-Eustache'.

comic art by Pierre Dupras
Ael-Fal (BD Vol. 2 #1)

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