La Longue Marche (Mao Tse-Toung), by Pierre Dupuis
La Longue Marche (Mao Tse-Toung)

Pierre Dupuis was a French artist of realistic comics, best-known for drawing historical and biographical comics, especially about World War II. He was born Pierre-Léon Dupuis in Dieppe, France, and made his first comic story in 1950. This first story, 'Aigle Noir', was published in Gong, a magazine by Éditions Elan. He then worked as the assistant of Paul Gillon on his production for Éditions Vaillant, including the series 'Fils de Chine'. Dupuis contributed his second solo story to the Vaillant pocket book 34, before he made his first appearance in the magazine Vaillant with several short stories in 1951.

Still in 1950, he also began an association with Les Éditions Mondiales, for which he drew 'Au Pays des Ouèles' and several short stories for the publisher's 'Collection Fantôme'. His subsequent collaboration with the publisher Chapelle (later SFPI and MLC) lasted until 1970. He drew several series for Chapelle, such as 'Les Pirates de l'Infini', 'Anton Marcus', 'Alan Bruce' and 'Titan' in Zorro L'Invincible, 'Bison Noir' in Spécial Zorro and 'Cap 7', 'Erik le Viking' and 'Olac le Gladiateur' in publications of the same name.

Titan, by Pierre Dupuis

By 1953 Dupuis also worked through agencies like World's Press and Edifrance, drawing several installments in the series 'Les Belles Histoires de l'Oncle Paul' in Spirou and 'L'Histoire Vivante' in Bonnes Soirèes, succeeding Albert Uderzo on 'Marco Polo' in La Libre Belgique and contributing to 'Les Grands Noms de l'Histoire de France' in Pistolin. His collaborations multiplied during this period, and artwork by Dupuis could also be found in France-Dimanche, Caméra 34, Ici-Paris, Allez-France, Le Journal du Dimanche, La Vie Ouvrière, La Semaine de Suzette and Fillette.

In 1960, he returned to Les Editions Mondiales, and published work in Hurrah! ( 'Robin des Bois', 'Jack Driant'), Télé Jeunes ('Télémaniac de Marcillac'), L'Intrépide, Intimité and Nous Deux. In 1964, he succeeded Raymond Poïvet on 'Mam'zelle Minouche', a series he continued with scripts by Roger Lécureux in L'Humanité until 1976.

Nijinsky by Pierre Dupuis
Nijinsky (Histoires Vivantes, Bonnes Soirées 1669, 1954)

In 1970, Pierre Dupuis was present in Marius-le Hérisson, with most notably the saucy character 'Pantzie'. He also drew 'Herminette' in 20 Ans and a story starring 'Albéric Barbier' in cooperation with Jean Sanitas in Spirou. Pierre Dupuis began an ambitious collaboration with Hachette in 1974, and provided the artwork for eleven books in the World War II collection 'L'Histoire de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale' until 1985. "In 1979 and 1980, he drew 'Super Jaimie' (based on the TV show 'The Bionic Woman') in Téléjunior. He also made the science fiction comic 'Kronos' with Henri Filippini in Albator and a book in the 'Goldorak' series by Rouge et Or. In 1980 and 1981, he also drew the volumes in the series 'La Vie' (scripts Jean-Gérard Imbar) for the collection 'L'Encylopédie en Bandes Dessinées' of the publishing house of Philippe Auzou.

La Bataille de l'Angleterre, by Pierre Dupuis
La Bataille de l'Angleterre

He went to work as an artist of historical comics for Dargaud, drawing six comic biographies in the collection 'Les Grands Capitaines' in cooperation with several scriptwriters between 1981 and 1984. For these biographies, he mixed historical photographs with his drawings. Between 1990 and 1994 he also made four books about the Olympics in cooperation with Claude Moliterni and Thierry Roland ('L'Aventure Olympique'). In 1987, Dupuis made 'Les Fils du Dragon' with Jean Ollivier in Vécu.

Pierre Dupuis has also made several educational comics in commission, such as the political comic 'L'Autre solution pour la France' for UDF (1978), two books about the town of Charente in 1987 ('Histoire de la Charente' with Guillot in 1987, and 'Charente' with Mauguil) and 'La résistance bactérienne' for Laboratoires Roche (1987). Dupuis has also been active in the erotic genre, making 'Jartyrella' with Moloch for Editions Garancière in 1986, pocket books in the series 'Confessions érotiques Bd' by Média 1000 from 1995, and 'Picabo' for Bédé Adult in 1996.

Pantzie, by Pierre DupuisContesse Von Rittersberg by Pierre Dupuis

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