Deux Vies by Didier Eberoni
Deux Vies

Didier Eberoni started working in the illustration field in 1976 after studying Applied Arts for a year and a half. He published his first black and white comics in magazines like Rock and Folk and Pilote, which he made in cooperation with scenario writers such as Philippe Druillet and Jacques Lob. In 1979 he joined Métal Hurlant where he teamed up with Rodolphe to create 'Le Centaure Mécanique'. The realisation of this story lasted two and a half years, and an album in direct colors was published by Les Humanoïdes Associés in 1982.

Le Centaure Mécanique
Le Centaure Mécanique

In the same period, Eberoni did several cover illustrations for publishers like Seghers, Néo and Temps Futurs. In the 1983, he made 'Carcasses' with Frada in Métal Hurlant. Two years later, in the same magazine, he produced 'John and Betty'. Eberoni then left the comics field and focused on painting and illustration work, such as the 1996 illustrated children's book 'Teknikolor', published by Le Seuil.

After 2000, Eberoni returned to the art of comics on a couple of occasions, starting with 'Sexual Killer', a story in cooperation with novelist Patrick Raynal for L'Écho des Savanes in 2001. Albin Michel released the book publication in 2004. This was followed by the graphic novel 'Deux Vies' with Tiburce Oger (Éditions Daniel Maghen, 2008) and the erotic science fiction book 'Samouraï' (Futuropolis, 2010).

cover Metal Hurlant, by Didier Eberoni

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