Sindy, by Edmond

Edmond Fernández Ripoll (or simply Edmond) was born in Barcelona in 1938. He worked in a hardware store and with an advertising agency before he was hired by the publishing house Bruguera to draw comics based on TV series for Tele Color, like 'Rin-Tin-Tin', 'Bonanza' and 'Bronco' from 1959. During the 1960s, he provided art for girls' magazines like Celia, As de Corazones and Sissi, and he also made the comic adaptations 'Tom Sawyer' and 'La capitana del Yucatán' for the collection Joyas Literarias Juveniles.

Fede y sus collegas by Edmond
Fede y sus colegas

He subsequently made fantasy stories like 'Supernova' with Victor Mora (Súper Mortadelo, 1973), 'Fantasia S.A.' with Andreu Martín (Tío Vivo, 1975), and 'Los Titanes' with Andreu Martin (Super Sacarino, Super Ases). By 1976, he created 'Eva Star' for CanCan.

Futura by EdmondFutura by Edmond

The first comic he both wrote and drew was 'Jan Europa', his most popular work that was published in Mortadelo from 1979. It was followed by the similar 'Dr. Impossible', the urban drama 'Fede y sus colegas', 'Sindy', 'La Tribu' and 'La vida crítica y la crítica de la vida' during the 1980s. Many of these serials ran in TBO, for which he also made movie parodies.

Dr. Impossible by Edmond
Dr. Impossible

Edmond has also worked for several foreign publications through agencies like Creaciones Editoriales. He drew the sci-fi series 'Brigade Temporelle' for the Futura comic book by Éditions Lug from Lyon, France, from 1972. For the British market, he drew 'Mike Nelson' for the Battle Picture Libary, and for Smash! the soccer comic 'The Handcuff Hotspurs' and stories about film stuntman 'Tyler the Tamer'.

He worked for the Dutch girl's magazine Tina of the publishing house Oberon for more than 30 years. Edmond illustrated a great many independent stories, as well as recurring features like 'Mimi', 'Sas en Lies', 'Elsje de Windt', 'Astrid', 'Meta van de Bokkesprong' and 'Duikclub Barracuda'. During the final years of his collaboration, he succeeded Purita Campos as the artist of the title comic 'Tina en Debbie' between 2007 and 2010. Besides drawing comics, he is also a book illustrator and painter of movie posters.

Cinemateca, by Edmond (Edmundo Fernández Ripoll)

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