Tina by Purita Campos
Tina en het kasteel van de vleermuis (Tina 25, 1977)

Female Spanish comic artist Pura "Purita" Campos is specialized in girls' comics, which she has mostly made for IPC in the UK and Oberon in The Netherlands. Born as Purificación Campos in Barcelona, she studied at the Llotja art school for seven years and then worked as an illustrator and costume designer for fashion magazines.

Mirabelle by Purita Campos
El elixir del amor (story published originally in the British magazine Mirabelle in 1963)

She started doing illustration work in the late 1950's, drawing covers and interior illustrations for Can Can and Celia, both publications by Editorial Bruguera. she soon developed a specialization in girls' comics and contributed to publications like Blanca (the serial 'La Historia de May Dunning' with Alberto Cuevas and Alicia Romero), Sissi Novelas Gráficas (illustrations and fashion drawings) and Dahlia.

Patty's World by Purita Campos
Patty's World

In the 1960s she began her production of stories for foreign publishers, through Bruguera's Creaciones Editoriales agency. She first achieved success with her art for the British comics series 'Patty's World', that was scripted by Philip Douglas. This comic ran for nearly 20 years, and was also published in Spain in Lily magazine under the title 'Esther y su mundo'.

Tina cover by Pura CamposTina cover by Pura Campos
Covers for Tina (1975)

Campos was also a regular story and cover artist for the British girls' magazines Mirabelle, Valentine and Princess Tina by IPC, and thus landed a job with the Dutch version of Tina magazine in the early 1970s. Purita Campos remained one of the main artists for this girls' weekly for about four decades. Her best known creation for the magazine was the title comic 'Tina', created with Andries Brandt and later Marjolein Winkel. Campos drew the strip, that eventually became known as 'Tina en Debbie' until 2007, when Edmond took over.

Tina, by Purita Campos

Campos' stories were distributed widely among other European publishers. 'Tina' was published in Spain as 'Jana' in the frist half of the 1980s. Her serial 'Gina' was created with writer Frank Elliot (pseudonym for her husband Francisco Ortega and published in Spain in 1978, before being translated to English and many other languages. Campos and Ortega created the comic strip 'Dulce Caroline' ('Sweet Caroline'), that was published in TBO magazine by Ediciones B in 1989. Another notable work by Campos is her comics adaptation of the 'Heidi' novel by Johanna Spiry for Bruguera's 'Historias' collection.

Gina by Purita Campos
Gina y la Pitonisa

She gained new success when Glénat España reprinted her 'Gina' stories in 2005 and the picture book 'Esther y el mundo de Purita Campos' in 2006. New stories starring 'Esther', by now an adult woman and written by Carlos Portela, were published by Glénat from 2006 under the title 'Las nuevas aventuras de Esther'. Her collaboration with Tina in Holland ended about the same time.

Dulce Carolina by Purita Campos

Besides being one of the best selling comic artists in Spain, Pura Campos has been active as a painter since 1988 and giving courses at her husband's art school.

Las Nuevas Aventuras de Esther by Purita Campos
Las Nuevas Aventuras de Esther

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