Emma's gedachten by Jesus Redondo
Gemma's Gedachten (Tina #10, 2003)

Jesús Redondo Román is a Spanish artist who has mainly worked for foreign publishers. Born in Vallalodid, Castilla y León, he began his career drawing for advertisements through the Cid studio in Madrid in 1958. He drew his first comics for the Toray collection 'Rosas Blancas' before beginning a collaboration with the Barcelona-based publishing house Bruguera and it's international agency Creaciones Editoriales in the early 1960s. He contributed to the Bruguera collections 'As de Corazones' and 'Celia', but has mainly worked for the British market.

Centauro, by Jesus Redondo
Centauro (1975)

Redondo has drawn stories and features for most of the British girls' titles published by D.C. Thomson and IPC from the mid-1960s. He drew series like 'Suzette of the Silver Sword' and 'My Brother, Marmaduke' for Diana, and created several independent stories for Mirabelle, Jackie and Valentine. By the 1970s, he was also contributing to Tammy, Princess Tina ('Twinkle, Twinkle, Daisy Star!'), Bunty ('Princess of the Pops') and Judy ('The K Sisters'). He made mysterious and scary stories like 'Dangerous Daisy for the tiny Taylors', 'The Mistery Birds of Mora' and 'Sing a Song of Terror' for Spellbound in the mid-1970s.

Eduard & Emily by Jesus Redondo
Eduard & Emily (Tina, 1977)

He also became a regular artist for Tina by Oberon in The Netherlands. His most notably work for this magazine was the 'Eduard & Emily' series he made with writer Otto Veenhoven from 1974. It was also published in Spain as 'Mili y Eduardo' in Christie, Gina and Esther. He continued to draw for Tina in the Netherlands well into the 1990s and 2000s. His credits include various independent short stories, as well as 'Stewardess Paula' with Andries Brandt and the historical series 'Filou' written by Constance van der Heide.

Additionally, Redondo remained present on the Spanish market with issues in the Bruguera collections 'Héroes/Viaje al fondo del mar', 'Joyas Literarias Juveniles' and 'Historias Seleccion'. He made the series 'Centauro' with Andreu Martin for Sacarino, as well as 'SOS Dossier Ecológico' with writers A. Martín and F. P. Navarro. He made stories for Cimoc and Delta, and was 25th artist of the series 'El Capitán Trueno' in 1987.

El Capitan Trueno, by Jesus Redondo
El Capitán Trueno

In Britain, Redondo shifted from the girls' to the boys' titles in the second half of the 1970's throughout the 1980's. He worked from scripts by Pat Mills, Alan Moore, Alan Grant, Kevin Gosnell, Tom Tully and David Perry on features like 'M.A.C.H. 1', 'Tharg's Future Shocks', 'Project Overkill', 'Time Twisters' and 'The Mind of Wolfie Smith' for 2000 AD. He made 'Mind Wars' with Alan Hebden for Starlord in 1978, and was present in Starblazer with a couple of stories, before drawing 'Dan Dare' for Eagle in 1986.

comic art by Jesús Redondo

Through the Norma agency, he made stories meant for syndication purposes, such as the western 'Historia d'un Fusil' ('History of a rifle') with writer C. Echevarria in 1986. He succeeded Alberto Salinas on the 'Albatross' series, that appeared in Fantomen in Sweden, among other things. Redondo worked with writer Antoni Guiral on the horror story 'Mr. Black' for the Spanish Creepy in 1990, and on 'Miller' for Cimoc in 1995. He was also the artist of comic biographies about Juana de Arco (for Bruguera's Cómic biografías collection in 1983) and Bartolomé de las Casas (for Sociedad Estatal Quinto Centenario/Planeta-DeAgostini in 1992).

In 1993, Jesús Redondo started the Marvel UK limited series 'Motormouth vs Killpower', before being hired by Marvel US to draw 'Star Trek' and 'Kitty Pryde'.

Mr Black, by Jesus Redondo
Mr Black

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