Dago, by Alberto Salinas

Alberto César Salinas is the son of the famous Argentinian comic artist José Luis Salinas. He started his career in advertising for Pueyrredón Propaganda, but debuted in comics in 1952. His first work was the series 'Capiango', about soldiers in the north west of Argentina, published in the montly magazine Superhombre. Since the 1960s, Salinas was mainly working for European publishers. He was drawing for British girls' titles in the 1960s and 1970s, including stories like 'Sandra' for Tina (1964) and 'Moira, Slave Girl of Rome' in Princess Tina (1967). He additionally contributed to the Thriller Picture Library.

'Sandra, Het Meisje van Mercurius' (from Dutch magazine Tina #21, 1970). Originally British.

Salinas was however mainly working for Eura Editoriale in Italy, starting with a 'Spartacus' comic in 1961 and later on stories like 'Continente Nero' and 'Legione Straniera' for Skorpio. He ghosted his father's 'Cisco Kid' comic for a while in 1968. Salinas eventually returned to Argentina where he made illustrations and comics for Editorial Atlántida, Editorial Columba and Editorial García Ferré.

Moira, Slave Girl of Rome by Alberto Salinas
'Moira, Slave Girl Of Rome' (Sandie Annual 1976).

Salinas is best known as the first artist of 'Dago', a story about a 16th-century Venetian nobleman turned mercenary, written by Paraguayan writer Robin Wood and first published in the Argentinian magazine Nippur Magnum in 1980. It was also published by Eura in Italy between 1983 and 1986. Salinas and Wood also cooperated on a 'Dracula' comic story. Salinas also drew the series 'Albatross', printed in the Swedish magazine Fantomen and later continued by Jesus Redondo

Salinas has also made illustrations for Look and Learn in London as well as paintings of horses. A knight of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, Albert Salinas died in January 2005, apparently from a shooting accident.

Dracula by Alberto Salinas

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