De Opstand der Bataven, by Rob van Eijck

Rob van Eijck (occasionally spelled as Rob van Eyk) is best known as a Dutch comic scholar, who was part of the editorial team of Stripschrift for many years and is (co-)author of several Stripschrift Specials and books about comics. He is also a letterer and translator, as well as the artist of the historical comic album 'De Opstand der Bataven',which was published in album in 1982. This book, scripted by Frits de Winter, visualizes the historic rebellion of the Celtic tribe the Batavi in 69-70 AD against the Romans. Together with Cor de Boer and Jean-Claude Satisfait, Van Eijck also published in the magazine Mach in 1972, and later in the seventies a short story drawn by him was published in De Vrije Balloen.

In January 2014 a comics prize was named after him. The Rob van Eijck Prize is awarded biennial to a person who has been of service for the promotion of comics in The Netherlands. Naturally he was the first person to receive it.

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