comic art by Eneg

Gene Bilbrew was an American cartoonist and fetish/bondage artist. Born Eugene Bilbrew in Los Angeles, he made his debut in the African-American newspaper Los Angeles Sentinel with the feature 'The Bronze Bomber', together with Bill Alexander. After this, he made the series 'Hercules' in Health Magazine. By 1950 he became an assistant to Will Eisner on 'The Spirit', and he also took over Jules Feiffer's back-up series 'Clifford'.

He met Eric Stanton, who suggested he start working for publisher Irving Klaw, editor of many mail-order books and comics on bondage. Bilbrew made his debut in this genre in 1951, and went on to create characters like 'Princess Elaine' and 'Madame la Bondage' for the publications for Klaw's Movie Star News/Nutrix company. He was also an illustrator for Exotique magazine from 1956 to 1959. Bilbrew used several pseudonyms, such as Van Road, G.B. Bondy and Eneg, and was additionally providing a lot of artwork for the African-American community.

comic panel by Eneg
Princess Elaine

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