Boo! by Andy Fanton

Andy Fanton is a British cartoonist. He started out working on a couple of animation projects, and by writing his own web fiction series 'The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely'. He started cartooning after befriending Jamie Smart, who introduced him to the editors of The Dandy. From 2010 until the magazine's demise in 2012, Fanton has worked on such Dandy features as 'George vs Dragon', 'Boo!', 'Harry and his Hippo', 'Bad Grandad' and 'Cavemen in Black'.

Fanton has remained active for DC Thomson's other children's comic, The Beano, creating spoof strips ('Jurassic Play Park', 'Pant Man', 'Minedaft') and writing lots of scripts for features like 'Roger the Dodger'. He has also appeared in Dennis the Menace and Gnasher's Epic Magazine, Viz ('Internet Troll', 'Diva Braun and Randall' and 'Hopkins: Deceased') and Private Eye. He has also sold comedy sketches to BBC Radio 4 Extra's Newsjack.

Minedaft by Andy Fanton
'Minedaft', parody of the video game Minecraft, The Beano.

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