Capitan Walter, by Liliana Fantoni

Liliana Fantoni came from an artistic family - she has cooperated a lot with her father Guido and her brother Mario. She is best known for 'Capitan Walter', published from 1953 to 1957 in the collection Albo Vitt. In 1953, she drew 'Gianforte' with a script by Giuseppe Madonia, published as a back-up feature in Tex. She also made comics for Chicchirichì and Crì Crì. Upon the death of her father, she expanded her comics activities and worked on series like 'James Taylor' and 'Gessy' for Dardo publishers, 'Lo Sceriffo Dick Person' for Nerbini, as well as 'Il Piccolo Indiano', 'Capitan Pappafico', 'Tony e Salacca', 'Bertoldino' and 'Torello Seduta'.

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