Lily Wong, by Larry Feign

Contrary to his mother's plans, Larry Feign dreamed of a cartooning career. In 1985, his career took a giant step forward when he settled in Hong Kong. His first work was titled 'Learn Cantonese the Hard Way'. In November 1986, Feign created 'The World of Lily Wong', which ran six times a week in the South China Morning Post. The strip graduately took on political nuances, becoming one of the government's few critics in the press. At the peak of its popularity, 'The World of Lily Wong' was dropped by the Post in 1995. The cartoon was brought back to life when the Hong Kong iMail began publication in 2000, but was brought to a halt again soon after that. After 21 years as a professional cartoonist, Larry Feign retired.

Lily Wong, by Larry Feign

Laatste update: 2006-12-16

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