Aspirino y Colodion, by Alfonso Figueras (DDT, 1976)
'Aspirino y Colodion' (DDT, 1976).

Alfons Figueras began his career shortly after the Spanish Civil War. Beginning in the animation field (Metro Goldwyn Mayer, RKO Radio Films and assisting Salvador Mestres at Hispano Grafic Films), he became a letterer and lay-out man at Editorial Bruguera in 1939. He also made his first comics for this publisher. In 1942, he assisted Francisco Darnis on 'Rabatino y Cebollita'. During the War, he made pages for many of the American strips that couldn't reach Spain, including E.C. Segar's 'Popeye', Alex Raymond's 'Flash Gordon' and Hal Foster's 'Tarzan'.

Shock, by Alfonso Figueras

After World War II, he began contributing ot many of the magazines published by Bruguera. He produced a great variety of series, including 'Mysto' (in Chicos, 1946), 'Mr Radar', 'El HOmbre Eléctrico' (in El Coyote, 1947), 'Napulion' (in KKO, 1948), 'Sopera Man', 'Pistolin Lupo' (in Historietas, 1949), 'Gummo' (in Chicos, 1949), 'Quiteria', 'Tonty' (in Bufalo, 1950), 'Rubin Rood', 'Disko y Sisko' (in Cubilete, 1950), 'Loony Hercules Puput' (in Nicolás, 1951), 'Simplicio' (in Aventurero, 1952), 'Qué Guerra' (in Nicolás, 1952), 'Pepito Pájaro Rayo', 'Pipo y Teka', 'Pancho Colate' (in Yumbo, 1953-55-56), 'El Rey de los Mares' (in A Todo Color, 1953) and 'Pau Pi' (in Chicos, 1954).

Aspirino y Colodion, by Alfonso Figueras (DDT, 1976)
'Aspirino y Colodión' (DDT, 1976).

In 1956, Figueras headed for South America and spent several years working in an animation studio in Venezuela. Back in Barcelona, he resumed his comics activities for Bruguera with series like 'Aspirino y Colodión' (1966), 'Harry Cawallo', 'Topolino' (1968), 'Cine Locuras' (1969) and 'Don Terrible Buñuelos' (1976). He also drew 'Don Plácido' in La Vanguardia (1970) and 'Mata Ratos' for Josep Toutain's Selecciones Ilustradas agency.

Topolino, El Ultimo Heroe, art by Alfons Figueras
'Topolino, El Ultimo Heroe' (1978).

In the 1980s, Figueras made series like 'El Món d'en Figuera' (in El Noticiero Universal), 'Fortunato' and 'Historias Extraordinarias' (in TBO). In 1991, he made the independent albums 'El Malvado Mr. Hyde' and 'Don Terrible Buñuelos' at the publishing house B. Sept. Then in 1998, he made 'Cien Cómics con Aspirina' in commision of the pharmaceutical firm Bayer.

Loony, by Alfons Figueras
'Loony', art by Alfons Figueras.

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