Les Chasseurs d'Écume by Serge Fino
Les Chasseurs d'Écume

Serge Fino is a French comic artist from Toulon, who works almost exclusively for Éditions Soleil. He started out in the 1980s with publishing comic stories in fanzines from the mediterranean area, such as BD Splatch and Bedesup. He won prizes in several amateur contests and eventually became an illustrator of science fiction stories and poems for Éditions Antarès. The publisher also released two portfolios by Fino, 'Fino illustre Lovecraft' and 'Les Arbres', as well as his 1986 comic book 'Retour au Château des Frankenstein'. He also worked as an illustrator for books, including two by Edgar Rice Burroughs, postcards, posters, catalogues and calendars. Later in the decade, he was a contributor to the fanzines Graffiti, Bulles Dingues, PLG and Sapristi!.

He had his professional breakthrough in 1994 with 'Les Soleil Rouges de l'Eden', a trilogy in cooperation with writer Hervé Poudat for Soleil Productions. It was followed by the heroic fantasy series 'Les Ailes du Phaéton', that he created with Didier Tarquin in 1997. He made nine books of the series until 2004, while Tarquin was replaced by Didier Crisse and Isabelle Plongeon, subsequently. He additionally made two books of the sci-fi thriller 'Starblood' with Simon Rocca in 1999 and 2000, and 'La Couronne de Foudre' with Brice Tarvel in 2001.

Les Ailes du Phaeton, by Serge Fino
Les Ailes du Phaéton

In 2004 he participated in the artwork of two books in the series 'Les Contes du Korrigan' by Erwan Le Breton, and he made a comic based on the 'Gladiator' musical by Elie Chouraqui and Maxime Le Forestier with Jean-Luc Istin. He also started the series 'Angeline' with Adeline Blondieau and Éric Summer, that ran until 2006. He was one of the artists in the series 'Dossiers tueurs en serie' in the Soleil collection Serial Killer, and worked on several one-shot projects for Soleil in the following years. These included 'Cerbères' with Serge Carrère and Weissengel (2008), 'Les Larmes du Désert', the third book of the series 'Corpus Hermeticum' with Matthieu Missoffe (2008) and the first book of 'Dracula, L'Ordre des Dragons' with Éric Corbeyran (2011).

Dracula by Serge Fino

Since 2010, he has worked on a regular base with writer François Debois. Together they created an adaptation of the Anatole Le Braz novel 'Quand souffle le vent des îles' in the collection 'Histoires de Bretagne', and the graphic novel series 'Les Chasseurs d'Écume'.

Although mostly associated with Soleil, Fino has also worked for some other publishers. For Clair de Lune, he created the series 'John Sorrow' with Georges Ramaïoli in 2005. He made a book about the history of the Provence for Éditions du Signe in 2012 and started 'Les Maîtres Saintiers' with Laurent-Frédéric Bollée for Glénat in 2015.

Quand souffle le vent des îles by Serge Fino
Quand souffle le vent des îles


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