Le Maître Détective, by Weissengel
Le Maître Détective

Weissengel was born as Gwenaël Marcé in Toulouse, but spent a large part of his childhood in Germany. He studied Fine Arts in Belgium, attending classes by Antonio Cossu at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tournai. His first professional steps as a comic artist were some short stories for a religious magazine, and participating in the production of a 'Léo Loden' album. He participated in the collective albums 'Chansons d’Higelin en Bande-dessinées' of Éditions Petit à Petit in 2000, and during the same period, he teamed up with scriptwriter Pierre Veys. Together they developed the detective series 'Le Maître Détective', but only one book was published by Delcourt in 2002.

By 2005, he was working in a studio with Serge Carrère, resulting in the science fiction series 'L'Héritier des Étoiles', a joint effort in both script and art, at Vents d'Ouest between 2006 and 2008. Weissengel and Carrère remained a productive scriptwriting duo in the following years. They wrote the series 'Les Elfées' (since 2005) and 'Le Petit Monde de Violette' (since 2007) for the Éditions Milan children's monthlies Julie and Manon. Art duties are fulfilled by Dollphane and Paku, respectively. The duo also wrote the contemporary action comic 'Cerbères' for Serge Fino at Soleil Productions, and the culinary comic for children's 'Les Quatre Puarts' for Simon Léturgie at Éditions 12bis. Weissengel wrote the World War I crime comic 'Gueules Cassées' for Emmanuel Cassier on his own in 2012.

Les Héritiers des Étoiles by Weissengel and Carrere
Les Héritiers des Étoiles

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