Hagamos el humor, no hagamos la guerra
'Hagamos el humor, no hagamos la guerra'

Norberto Firpo was an Argentine journalist and cartoonist, who often worked under the pen name "Ácido Nítrico". He worked for influential magazines and newspapers like Primera Plana, Siete Días and La Nacíon, and contributed more satirical works to the magazines edited by the humorist Landrú.

Life and career
Norberto Firpo was born in Floresta in 1931. He studied sociology and worked as a truck driver before he began his career in journalism. Firpo took his task with great dignity, and tried to maintain a personal honesty throughout his career. Firpo made his debut in 1957 in Vea y Lea magazine as the author of dozens of crime stories. Starting in 1964, he served as secretary of Primera Plana, an influential magazine on political and cultural subjects. He was subsequently director of another leading periodical, Siete Días, from 1968 to 1972 and a journalist for Panorama magazine.

For his more critical work, he assumed the pen name "Ácido Nítrico" ("nitric acid"), for instance for his feature 'Humor viscoso' in Landrú's satirical current affairs magazine Tía Vicenta. Several of his satirical works were in the cartoon format, for which Firpo applied a minimalistic and naive drawing style. One of his recurring characters was 'Olegario, el hombre que quería ser actor de historietas' ("Olegario, the man who wanted to be a comic actor"), who appeared in Landrú's other magazines, María Belén (1966-1967) and Tío Landrú (1967-1969). He also had a feature called 'Furgon de Cola' in Dante Quinterno's children's magazine Patoruzu. Norberto Firpo was also the author of the cartoon book 'Hagamos el humor, no hagamos la guerra' (1969), and of a book about eroticism, 'Ejercicio erótico' (1973). His more satirical/journalistic books 'Las paralelas no se tocan, nene' (1972) and 'El náufrago y la gallina' (1975) had cover illustrations by Quino. He is also the author of the novels 'Cuerpo a tierra' (1983), 'Grandísimo idiota' (1985) and 'Redondeces' (1992).

He became an editor with newspaper La Nacíon in 1980, where he oversaw a supplement for younger readers. With his celebrated column on the opinions page, 'Rigurosamente Incierto' ("Damned insecurity"), Firpo proved he was a critical observer of everyday life in Buenos Aires through his central character, Mr. Peribañez. The column was heavily critical of politicians and described the dramatic plight of ordinary people. A book collection appeared in 2009.

Already suffering from health issues since early 2017, Norbert Firpo passed away in April of that year from the results of pneumonia.

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