Steve & Bluey, by Steven Fischer

Steven Fischer was born in Baltimore in 1972 and studied visual and performing arts at the Universtity of Maryland. At the age of fourteen, he already had his first graphic commision. In 1990, his comic 'Steve & Bluey' was published for the first time in a maryland newspaper. A year later already, a collection called 'There's a Blue Dog Under My Bed' appeared. Steven Fischer lived in London, England for a while, studying at the London Cartoon Centre. In 1992, he met animator Steve Melendez, with whom he developed the 'Steve & Bluey' TV show. The second album collection, 'The Wonderful, Happy, Cartoony World of Steve & Bluey' was published in 2001. Steven Fischer became a college teacher in Baltimore.

Steve & Bluey, by Steven Fischer

Laatste update: 2006-12-29

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