Otorongo, by Javier Florez del Aguila

Javier Flórez del Águila was born in Trujillo. He worked with Hernán Bartra and Rubén Osorio for the magazine Avanzada from 1954. He succeeded Osorio on the pages of Padre la Fuente and cooperated on the stories of Osorio's 'El Trome'. He also drew humorous characters like 'Doña Jesusita'.

Selva Misteriosa, by Javier Florez del Aguila

In 1958, he introduced the character of 'Capitán Alas' to the pages of Avanzada. Between 1971 and 1974, he drew 'Selva Misteriosa' for El Comercio, and in 1976, he created 'Otorongo' for Equis X.

Capitan Alas, by Javier Florez del Aguila

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