La Parejita by Manel Fontdevila
La Parejita S.A. (El Jueves 1867, March 2013)

Manel Fontdevila i Subirana, born in Manresa, is a Spanish comic artist best known for his work for El Jueves. He began his career at the age of 15, cooperating with ecological associations, and from 1982, with the local publication Regió 7. In 1990 he studied Fine Arts in Barcelona, and started contributing to magazines like El Víbora, Makoki, Cairo, Tótem and Viñetas.

In 1993, he created the comic 'Emilio/a' for Puta Mili and for Camaleón Ediciones, he created the fanzine Mr. Bain Presenta with Pep Brocal and Padu. He additionally contributed to fanzines like Idiota y Diminuto. He became a regular artist for El Jueves in 1995. His best known creation for this magazine is 'La Parejita S.A.'. As a writer, he has worked with Albert Monteys on the serial '¡Para ti, que eres joven!' since 1997.

He was the magazine's director between 2000 and 2004. In July 2007, Fontdevila and Guillermo Torres were responsible for a cover cartoon portraying Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia in a sexually explicit position. The issue was forbidden by judge Juan del Olmo and caused the authors a fine of 3000 euros.

Fontdevila has additionally written 'A Vie de Saint', a comic drawn by Alfonso López , as well as '¡Hola Terrícola!' with Pep Brocal, for the French magazine Fluide Glacial since 1996. A lot of his work has been collected in book format by Glénat. He also contributes to fanzines and prozines like Nosotros somos los muertos, Idiota y Diminuto and TMEO.

comic from El Jueves by Manel Fontdevila
comic from El Jueves #1420, 2004

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