Capitane Kébec, by Pierre Fournier

A fan of science fiction and comics, Pierre Fournier joined the influential Hydrocéphale group in 1971. This group, and their periodical L'Hydrocéphale Illustré, included many of Quebec's leading comics creators. In 1973, he created his satirical superhero comic book 'Les Aventures du Capitaine Kébec', which became one of Quebec's most famous comics characters. In the mid-1970s, the Hydrocéphale group organized expositions throughout Quebec, but also in Tortonto, New York, Britain and France. During this period, Fournier also worked on 'Les Amis du Capitaine Kébec', a television show dedicated to comics characters.

For the new magazine Croc, Fournier wrote the adventures of 'Michel Risque' for artist Réal Godbout from 1979. Later on, Fournier and Godbout began the spin-off series 'Red Ketchup' for Titanic. Fournier also created 'Les Biodégradables' with Martin Dupras and 'Ciné-Parodies' on his own for this magazine. During the 1980s, Fournier also did an occasional inking job for US comics, such as 'Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham'. In 1991, Fournier was the editor of the short-lived comics magazine Anormal, and he appeared in several issues of the Quebec edition of Mad. In 1995, he made the children's comic 'Bibi veut tout savoir sur le side' at the publishing house Bibi et Geneviève. Pierre Fournier was one of the founders of the Association of des Créateurs et des Intervenants de la Bande Dessinée in Montréal. In 1991, he was the first Quebecois comics artist to receive the prestigious Prix Albert Chartier for his entire oeuvre and his efforts for the comics field. Besides his comics work, he has also worked extensively in television and animation.

Capitane Kébec, by Pierre FournierCapitane Kébec, by Pierre Fournier

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