L'Histoire de Chaque Jour, by Makyo
'L'Histoire du Chaque Jour.'

Makyo, pseudonym for Pierre Fournier, started his career for Spirou, where he did a "Carte Blanche" under the pseudonym Mohat. He joined the magazine Pistil in 1978, where he created 'Les Polluks' and 'Madame Colzako' under his own name. In 1981, he began working for the magazine Mercredi. There, he wrote the humorous historical series about the melancholic boy 'Gully' for Alain Dodier, and he began his own series about the easily-scared dwarfs 'Les Bogros'. He began signing exclusively with Makyo when he created the 'Little Nemo'-inspired 'Le Roi Rodonnal' in the Spirou Album + 6. In 1982, he joined Spirou, where he continued 'Gully' and 'Les Bogros'. He also co-wrote the first episodes of the detective series 'Jérôme K. Jérôme Bloche' with Serge Le Tendre for Alain Dodier.

Les Bogros, by Makyo
'Les Bogros'. 

He began writing the series 'La Balade au Bout du Monde' for the magazines of the publishing house Glénat (Gomme and Circus) in 1981. The artwork of this highly appraised series was originally done by Laurent Vicomte. Makyo began a second and a third cycle in the 1990s with respectively Eric Herenguel and Michel Faure. In 2003 followed a fourth cycle, this time drawn by Laval. Again for the magazine Circus, he wrote and drew 'Grimion Gant-de-Cuir' in 1983. In 1988, he coordinated the collective album 'Du Souchon dans l'Air' at Delcourt, a publisher for which he created the trilogy 'Jordan, Le Cycle des Deux Horizons' with Christian Rossi two years later. Makyo began writing several new series in the 1990s, such as 'Le Jeu de Pourpre' for Bruno Rocco, 'Ikar' for René Follet and 'Elsa' for Michel Faure.

Coeur en Islande, by Makyo
'Coeur en Islande'. 

As an allround author, Fournier created 'Le Coeur en Islande' in the Aire Libre collection of Dupuis. In 2001, he launched the series 'Alzéor Mondraggo' with David Caryn at Vents d'Ouest. He also began new series at Glénat, such as 'Lumière Froide' with Eugenio Sicomoro, 'Gregor Kyralina' with Michel Méral, 'Qumran' with Stéphane Gémine and 'A.D.N.' with his brother Toldac and Bruno Rocco. In 2004, he wrote and drew 'L'Histoire de Chaque Jour', also at Glénat.

Pierre Fournier, A.K.A. Makyo, should not be confused with Canadian comic artist Pierre Fournier (1949-2022). 

comic art by Makyo
Comic art by Makyo. 

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