La Café de la Plage, by Régis Franc

Régis Franc is a French humorist, specialized in comics with anthropomorphic characters, that colored the pages of magazines like Pilote, À Suivre and L'Écho des Savanes. A self-taught artist born in Lézignan-Corbières, Franc became art director of an advertising agency and worked as a photographer. Three years later, he drew his first comics for Pilote. Several of these short stories were collected in the albums 'Histoires Immobiles et Récits Inachevés', 'Sunset Corridor' and 'Le Marchand d'Opium'. Between 1978 and 1980, he worked as a writer for the artist Patrick Lesueur, with whom he created 'Gontran et Julot automobilistes'. He additionaly went to work for magazines like Charlie Mensuel ('Deep South', 'Le Voyage') and L'Écho des Savanes.

Comic for Pilote by Regis France
Plus dure sera la chute! (Pilote Mensuel 35, 1977)

In 1977, he started the series 'Le Café de la Plage', which he made until 1980 in Le Matin de Paris. From 1981, he was present in À Suivre with series like 'Tonton Marcel' (1981), 'La Cohabitation' (1986) and 'Taty Danielle' (1990). From 1983, he also drew for Phosphore and L'Autre Journal. With Jean-Marc Terasse, he made 'Vienne, Trieste, Venise' in 1985. He additionally made illustrated reports in Pilote and Corto. He also ventured in the cinema field, when he co-scripted the film 'Les Amants Terribles' with Danielle Dubroux. In the nineties, his work reappeared in the pages of l'Écho des Savanes, and he also drew the series 'Fin de Siècle' in Elle from 1994. He also took on writing novels, starting with 'Du Beau Linge' in 2001.

Marius et Olive, by Regis Franc

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