Osito, by Emilio Frejo Abregón

Emilio Fréjo Abregon was a comic artist working for the publising house Valenciana from 1947. He contributed 'Osito', a series featuring an anthropomorphic bear and his two sweet-toothed nephews, to children's magazine Pumby. He also published in Jaimito (another Valenciana magazine) from 1947 to late in the 1950s. He was one of the artists who drew the title comic 'Jaimito'. He was also present in Mariló with 'Mariló', 'Carmencita' and 'Papá'.

As an agency artist, he worked for foreign publishers through Bardon Art, and through his own collective, Art Studium (which he founded with Sanchís Cortés and González Alacreu. Art Studium was active between 1968 and 1980, and among others responsible for the comic biography of Franco ('Soldado Invicto', 1969). Among his other credits are 'The Avengers', 'Kit Carson' and 'Kansas Kid' for the UK market and 'Hansel y Gretel'. Emilio Fréjo is the brother of comic artist Nin.

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