Loveless, by Marcelo Frusin

Marcelo Frusin is an Argentinian artist, who works for the US comic book market as well as the French. He is best known for a long run on DC/Vertigo's 'Hellblazer'. He has also contributed to other Vertigo titles, such as 'Loveless', 'Flinch', 'Weird War' and 'Weird Western Tales Special'. In addition to his work for Vertigo, Frusin illustrated two issues of 'Magnus, Robot Fighter', and a story for 'X-Men Unlimited'. For the Italian publisher Universo, he has illustrated the 'Niko Slavo' series in Intrepido magazine. He works with the French scriptwriter Richard Marazano on the historical comic 'L'Expédition', that is published by Dargaud since 2012,

Hellblazer, by Marcelo Frusin

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